InVitro Biotech is an initiative taken by InVitro Vogue- the Biotech company (www.invitrovogue.com) as a part of its expansion in the social media awareness arena.

InVitro Vogue Pvt. Ltd Pakistan is presently involved in following broad functions.

1.         Diagnostics

2.         Contract Research

3.         Contract Manufacturing

4.         Bio-Brand Management

5.         Social Media Awareness (New)

In lieu of our work in the domain of biotechnology, we have now crossed in the social media domain. We have launched a blog, www.invitrobiotech.com, which aims to spread on going news pertaining to biotechnology. Biotechnology is still a hidden revolution in the region and there is a need to harness it, and we believe that social media awareness is the best tool in this regard. In addition to this, there are an increasing number of young biotechnologists in Pakistan. So there is an inherent need to bridge the gap between academia and industry. This blog attempts to do that by spreading news of industry and allowing “out-of-the-box” thinking for young graduates. Your suggestions are most welcome at adeel@invitrovogue.com and invitrobiotech@gmail.com. Stay connected to the hidden revolution!

-Adeel (Editor)


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