DuPont adds brand to Pioneer

DuPont adds brand to Pioneer

Seed business for DuPont seems to be profiting and it seems logical that they add the company name and logo to it as well. In fact, agri-based business has become the swiftest segment for DuPont. The previous, Pioneer Hi-Bred seed company is now simply DuPont Pioneer.

“Putting DuPont and Pioneer together in DuPont Pioneer is really a way to demonstrate the DuPont commitment to agriculture and food,” said Paul E. Schickler, president of the seed company. “There was a benefit to DuPont to have the Pioneer association and a mutual benefit to Pioneer to have the DuPont association.”

Analysts believe that this change follows a campaign launched by DuPont to rebrand its priorities and also show a new look to the market. Since Pioneer has earned quite some sales in the last year, this seems a very logical move. As of July 1st, the company website has the DuPont logo now.

DuPont had acquired the seed company 12 years ago and is now looking forth for a joint venture in the domain of nutrition and agriculture. Catering to the food security issue is a main focus for the company. Here to hope that all goes well for Pioneer in this regard.


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